Payment Orchestration: A New Term for an Established Service

Orchestra wind and string section to signify payment orchestration concept

The term “payment orchestration” is popping up everywhere in the payment processing realm. Yet, it’s not a new solution by any means. As an online merchant, have you heard the term “payment orchestration”? It would be unsurprising, as this concept has popped up all over the place recently in the payment processing realm. Yet, it’s […]

Do Not Honor: How Merchants Can Avoid Issuer Declines

Issuer decline post with conceptual image showing Road Closed sign in front of downed tree to indicate obstacles faced in denied credit card purchases

A “do not honor” decline code, also known as an issuer decline, may occur for a number of reasons. For merchants seeking to mitigate them, it is crucial to understand how and why issuer declines happen. We’ve all been in a situation where a credit card transaction does not go through as expected. The message […]

E-Commerce Credit Card Processing: A behind the scenes peek

Credit card superimposed over motherboard

When merchants fully understand the moving parts of credit card processing and their interaction, it can help to demystify the process and support the handling of potential roadblocks as they arise. When a person makes a purchase with a credit card, it takes seconds to process. But, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes […]