Easy technical integration

Get connected with a seamless integration process between your website and our payment platform. We guide you through the integration, so you can process more payments faster.

easy technical integration
expert integration support

Expert Integration Support

Concerned about complicated integrations? Our expert developers are here to support you.

Whether it’s from our direct API, NATS, e-commerce platforms, or custom solutions, we help you get connected and onboard efficiently so you can start accepting payments immediately.

NATS Integration

Businesses that use NATS for affiliate tracking and managing memberships can easily integrate in minutes with the Vendo payment platform.

Your customers will have a seamless purchasing experience at checkout.

Nats Integration
WooCommerce Magento

WooCommerce/Magento Integrations

Grab and go with our plugin, the fastest and easiest way to connect to our platform.  

E-commerce merchants using WooCommerce and Magento can quickly integrate with the Vendo payment platform.

The customer checkout process will remain uninterrupted thanks to our flawless platform integration. Subscription management included.

Tailored to Your Integration Needs

Whether you need a direct API connection or a hosted checkout page, our integration solutions will get you connected quickly.

As with other types of integrations, merchants with customized hosted checkout pages also benefit from subscription management support and one-click payments.

Integrations API

Authenticate Payments Seamlessly

Expect higher acceptance ratios and strong customer authentication protocols.

With 3DSV2.X secure authentication, your customers will experience frictionless purchases and can quickly complete their transactions.

“With Vendo, I can get a custom integration.”

Mark came to Vendo wanting to increase the number of approved transactions for his business. But, with no in-house tech support, he was nervous about the complexities of integration.

Vendo’s expert developer helped him set up a custom integration and Mark saw transactions being processed quickly.

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