Do Not Honor: How Merchants Can Avoid Issuer Declines

Issuer decline post with conceptual image showing Road Closed sign in front of downed tree to indicate obstacles faced in denied credit card purchases

A “do not honor” decline code, also known as an issuer decline, may occur for a number of reasons. For merchants seeking to mitigate them, it is crucial to understand how and why issuer declines happen. We’ve all been in a situation where a credit card transaction does not go through as expected. The message […]

How to Prepare for the New Negative Option Billing Rules by Visa and Mastercard

Rules Visa MasterCard

The latest negative option billing rules introduced by VISA and Mastercard will ensure better communication and transparency. Merchants who want to accept VISA and Mastercard need to incorporate the new rules into their payment processing framework.  Merchants offering increasingly popular subscription or free, trial-based services also must prepare for new and expanding VISA and Mastercard […]