Payment Orchestration: A New Term for an Established Service

Orchestra wind and string section to signify payment orchestration concept

The term “payment orchestration” is popping up everywhere in the payment processing realm. Yet, it’s not a new solution by any means. As an online merchant, have you heard the term “payment orchestration”? It would be unsurprising, as this concept has popped up all over the place recently in the payment processing realm. Yet, it’s […]

SEPA as a Payment Option for High-Risk Merchants

Three open doors showing different landscapes beyond to explain concept of SEPA as another payment option for high-risk merchants in e-commerce

SEPA provides a number of benefits to high-risk merchants—as well as non-high-risk merchants.  One of the biggest challenges high-risk merchants face is payment processing. We can break that down into various components, such as low acceptance rates and significant chargebacks, but high-risk merchants already know the problems. What they really need are solutions. SEPA provides […]