Do Not Honor: How Merchants Can Avoid Issuer Declines

Issuer decline post with conceptual image showing Road Closed sign in front of downed tree to indicate obstacles faced in denied credit card purchases

A “do not honor” decline code, also known as an issuer decline, may occur for a number of reasons. For merchants seeking to mitigate them, it is crucial to understand how and why issuer declines happen. We’ve all been in a situation where a credit card transaction does not go through as expected. The message […]

Cryptocurrency Payments Processing for Online Sales

Hands on computer keyboard overlaid with point chart

With the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment, online merchants have a remarkable opportunity to attract more customers and increase sales.  Until recently, there have been limited payment options to make online purchases of products or services. Most merchants offer credit cards or bank transfers as the primary (or only) option to […]