Improve authorization rates

Enhance your revenue stream by increasing your payment authorization rates.

Intelligent Payment Routing

Vendo uses smart routing to redirect each transaction through our secure and integrated acquiring bank network so that each payment has the best opportunity for completion.

We analyze every transaction to make sure future payments continue to be processed quickly and accurately and help to protect your business from fraud and maximize authorization rates.

Intelligent Payment Routing
Decrease abandoned Carts

Smart Pricing for Each Customer

Offer the best price for each customer and increase revenue.

Conduct A/B tests on discounts and special offers so that you can identify the best price. We monitor sales spikes and drops and analyze the data, so your customers always get the right price for their purchase.

Alternative Payment Methods

Your customer’s best payment method is the one in their wallet.

Reach more customers, build trust and loyalty, and increase sales by offering your customers their preferred payment method. We provide relevant payment options based on your customer’s location, to improve conversion and retention.

Alternative Payment Methods

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