Streamlined Platform Integration for Aylo

How Vendo's expertise, flexibility, and support led to platform integration success for Aylo.

Customer: Aylo

Industry: Adult and Gaming Platforms

Integrations: Server to server and hosted pages

Challenges: Unique business processes, multiple platforms to onboard, compliance

Customer Overview

Established in 2004, Aylo specializes in high quality adult-oriented content and gaming platforms that follow its core principles of trust, safety, inclusion, and innovation. Guided by these principles, the company governs its operations, partnerships, product creation, consumer engagement, and employee support with a commitment to excellence and responsible content delivery. Notable platforms in its portfolio include Pornhub, YouPorn, Brazzers,, Nutaku, and more. 

The Challenge

Adult and gaming platforms, such as those in Aylo’s portfolio, often face challenges when integrating their platforms with payment processing services. Considered as high-risk merchants, they must ensure compliance with the additional regulations imposed upon the industry, address complex security and fraud concerns, and seamlessly align diverse technical infrastructures. The platform integration process can be a potential bottleneck, with the risk of disruptions to day-to-day operations and customer experiences. Aylo sought a solution that mitigates these challenges and provides their platforms with a robust foundation for secure and efficient payment processing.

Why Vendo?

With a proven 15-year track record in innovative payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants, including the adult-content platform space, Vendo offers a comprehensive suite of services that prioritize security, compliance, and seamless integration. 

The Vendo payment processing platform is designed to handle high-risk transactions with efficiency and security. Advanced fraud prevention mechanisms, real-time risk management, and a user-friendly interface empowers merchants to manage transactions with confidence. Our commitment to compliance ensures that merchants minimize the risk of legal and financial repercussions. Beyond security and compliance, our merchants gain access to a scalable and flexible infrastructure that adapts to evolving demands.

Platform Integration Success

The success of Aylo’s streamlined platform integration with Vendo Services resulted from collaboration, communication, Vendo’s expertise, flexibility, and support throughout the process. According to Aylo’s Senior Director of Payments and Services,

“Aylo’s platform integration with Vendo was one of our top three in the past five years.”

Unlike typical integrations, where issues often arise on the integrator’s side, the Aylo-Vendo collaboration resulted in minimal issues on the side of Vendo’s payment processing platform. Aylo’s unique business processes related to cross-sales, 3DS validation, fraud prevention, and other workflows required flexibility in adapting the integration to Aylo’s needs and problem solving unknown or new document flows. 

On-demand connection via Skype, email, our CRM(Hubspot) and videoconferencing allowed both teams to be in quick contact with each other, despite working across multiple countries and time zones. Open and transparent communication allowed both teams to work in concert to address issues as they arose, paving the way for seamless integration. Vendo adhered to a well-defined timeline, leveraging agile development practices for on-time integration completion. 

“Blockers were addressed fairly quickly, within 24 hours, with either ‘yes, we can do it,’ or ‘here’s an alternative’. Nothing significantly affected the timeline and everything was well kept in balance.”

Post-integration, Vendo has continued to provide support and assistance to Aylo to ensure the integration continues to function seamlessly.

Throughout the integration process, we discussed and adjusted for scalability and future needs to accommodate Aylo’s evolving requirements. It has led to Aylo considering Vendo’s future features, such as open banking, indicating a forward-looking approach to the partnership.

“There are features and options that we would like to use in the future, and we’re expecting success with those options, or else we wouldn’t be excited about it.”

The success of the Aylo-Vendo platform integration has given Aylo confidence beyond simple optimism. It has paved the way for their future growth with the continued high-quality and collaborative support they can depend upon with Vendo.

About Vendo: Vendo offers comprehensive payment processing services to e-commerce merchants, including those in high-risk industries. Our innovative, AI-powered tools offer merchants simple, secure, and seamless payment solutions, along with expert customer support from integration to end-user concerns. Our expert team works 24/7 to shape your vision into reality.