Prevent Chargebacks During Black Friday/Cyber Monday with Key Customer Service Strategies

Chargebacks during the holiday season can affect the ability of high-risk merchants to optimize their revenue. Customer service is a key strategy to help prevent chargebacks.

While the bustling Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) holidays present significant revenue opportunities for high-risk merchants, they also pose a major challenge: the increased risk of chargebacks. E-commerce merchants can expect a spike in chargebacks 30-60 days after the BFCM weekend, according to the 2023 Geek’s Guide to Chargebacks.

Advance preparation is key to preventing chargebacks. One of the best methods is tailored customer service strategies that high-risk merchants can implement to safeguard transactions and foster customer satisfaction during this critical sales period.

Understanding the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Chargeback Challenge

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are pivotal moments for e-commerce, where transactions surge, but so does the risk of chargebacks. Shoppers may dispute transactions for various reasons, from issues with product quality to unauthorized transactions. Unfortunately, 60% of chargebacks are likely cases of friendly fraud! Implementing effective customer service strategies is crucial to not only secure sales, but also to build lasting customer relationships.

Set Customer Expectations with Proactive Communication

Clear Shipping and Delivery Information

One of the primary reasons for chargebacks is dissatisfaction due to delayed or unclear shipping. High-risk merchants can proactively address this by providing crystal clear shipping and delivery information. This includes realistic timelines and tracking information, plus automated email updates on order status and shipping progress. Keeping customers informed can make them less likely to dispute transactions.

Transparent Return Policies

Black Friday/Cyber Monday often involves impulsive buying. To reduce the chances of buyers’ remorse leading to chargebacks, high-risk merchants should clearly communicate their return policies. Ensure that return instructions are easily accessible on your website, and consider using order confirmation emails to confirm your return procedures. Transparent return policies reassure customers, minimizing the risk of chargebacks due to dissatisfaction.

Keyboard with the word FRAUD on one key
Advanced Fraud Detection Tools

Working with an experienced payment processor is one of the best ways for high-risk merchants to combat fraud. For example, at Vendo, we use innovative fraud detection tools that use machine learning algorithms to analyze transaction patterns and deter fraud before it even happens. Our merchants are able to educate customers about the measures in place to secure their transactions, which enhances trust and acts as a deterrent against fraudulent chargebacks.


Real-Time Support Channels for Quick Issue Resolution


Live Chat Support

The need for real-time customer support escalates during the holidays. High-risk merchants can implement live chat support on their websites to address customer queries promptly. During Black Friday/Cyber Monday, having a team of live chat agents ready to assist can significantly reduce the risk of chargebacks resulting from customer frustration or confusion.

Enhanced Email Support

Email remains a crucial channel for customer communication. High-risk merchants should ensure that their email support is responsive and equipped to handle the increased volume of queries during the holiday season. Automated responses acknowledging receipt of customer inquiries can manage expectations and reassure customers that their concerns are being addressed.

Payment Processor Support

An experienced payment processor can offer your customers support if a chargeback situation should arise by providing a streamlined process for dispute resolution. A responsive payment processor can guide customers through the necessary steps, helping them understand the dispute process and what information is required. 


Personalized Customer Interactions to Foster Loyalty


Tailored Thank-You Notes

Expressing gratitude for a purchase goes a long way in making customers feel valued. High-risk merchants can consider sending personalized thank-you notes. Including exclusive discount codes or special offers in these notes can encourage repeat business and reduce the likelihood of customers resorting to chargebacks.

Personalized Recommendations

Leveraging customer data to provide personalized product recommendations can enhance the overall shopping experience. As customers search for gifts this holiday season, consider recommending to them relevant products based on past purchases. It demonstrates a keen understanding of their preferences. Satisfied customers are less likely to initiate chargebacks.


The Bottom Line

For high-risk merchants, customer service is not just a support function during BFCM; it’s a strategic necessity. By proactively communicating, offering real-time support, and personalizing interactions, high-risk merchants can secure sales and build customer loyalty that lasts beyond the holiday season.

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