How to Process CBD Payments Online & Succeed in a Growing Industry

Picture this: You’re a thriving online CBD merchant. Sales are up, supply chain is seamless, and you’re getting stellar reviews. Then, your merchant account is shut down. You’re suddenly unable to process payments. The CBD industry continues to grow, but you’re witnessing it from the sidelines.

It’s a scenario that’s increasingly becoming a reality in CBD payment processing. Online CBD merchants have lost out on sales, but they also feel lost as to what the remedy might be. There are solutions available. First, it’s important to understand why online CBD merchants might find themselves in this position.

Why Do Merchant Accounts Get Shut Down?

CBD’s rapid growth, particularly in Europe, was a welcome acceleration for online CBD merchants. The problem is, because the industry is progressing so quickly, it’s still a bit of unknown territory. 

Many merchants initially secured a merchant account from an acquiring bank with little trouble. Yet, once those acquirers began to understand the scope of the sales and their connection to CBD, they became unwilling to perform CBD payment processing. Even though CBD on its own is not technically considered a high-risk industry, it often is viewed as such.

Another significant obstacle involves the myriad of regulations online CBD merchants must navigate. For instance, merchants must complete and publish laboratory reports about their CBD products (e.g. ingredients, THC percentage). CBD merchants also must publish clear disclaimers, avoid deceptive statements, and ensure they have an ironclad age verification process. Any lapse in compliance could lead to a merchant facing an interruption in sales.

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If a CBD merchant relies on a payment processor to guide them through all of these steps, it typically goes one of two ways. 


  • The CBD payment processor has in-depth knowledge about the CBD market and provides comprehensive services that allows the merchant to continue thriving in this growing industry.




  • The CBD payment processor has little or no experience with CBD sales and the merchant suffers as a result (e.g. lost revenue, regulatory fines).


Unfortunately, many merchants may not even know they are in jeopardy of losing their ability to sell. They may be new to the CBD industry and lack awareness about all of its nuances. Just because CBD is a growing industry does not mean revenue is guaranteed. There is also no assurance a CBD merchant will maximize their revenue, even if they are selling high-quality products.

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Tips for Merchants to Thrive in the CBD Industry

A strong first step to thrive in the CBD industry is to work with a CBD payment processor that has niche expertise in the market. Such a processor can help navigate the entire journey—from securing a merchant account through regulatory compliance, platform integration, and the merchant’s expansion of its CBD sales.

If you are concerned about your CBD business being stripped of your ability to process payments (or have experienced it already), don’t despair. No matter the reason, there are ways to course correct. A payment processor with expertise in the CBD industry can assist in addressing issues such as:

  • Lost merchant account due to the acquiring bank’s cessation of services

  • Regulatory compliance in respect to website disclaimers, terms and conditions, etc.

  • Age verification validity

  • Product offerings that may affect revenue potential (e.g. selling vaping and smoking products)

  • Limited payment methods (e.g. offering only credit card or bank transfers)

While some issues take longer to correct than others (lab results vs. website disclaimers), merchants can expedite the timeline by working with a payment processor that knows the intricacies of the CBD industry

CBD Payment Processing by Vendo

Vendo has positioned itself to be a CBD sales payment processing expert. We have helped merchants get back on their feet in less than two weeks—allowing them to resume sales volume (and recoup those lost dollars) quickly. 

Vendo maintains close relationships with various acquirers in the high-risk sector, which speeds up the process considerably. It also reduces extreme fees merchants might have been paying with a previous acquirer due to the high-risk nature of CBD. An additional benefit is that Vendo supports all of the main plugins for e-commerce sites, making integration a simple, seamless process.

We also assist merchants in adding alternative payment methods to their site, such as SEPA, PIX, and cryptocurrency. This has become a proven strategy to increase revenue, contributing to an overall boost of 10% on top of the 100% revenue merchants were able to recover upon reinstatement. 

Vendo currently provides payment processing for the following CBD and related products:

CBD Products

  • CBD Oil

  • CBD Seeds

  • CBD Plant Material (bud, hemp products)

  • CBD Extracts (solid, hash, jelly, crystals, moon rocks)

  • CBD Cosmetics

Non-CBD Products

  • Certain smoking peripherals (rolling papers, trays, ashtrays, grinders, etc.)

  • Branded shop products (t-shirts, tumblers, etc.)

Learn more about our payment processing services for CBD merchants, including those in the high-risk category. If you’re searching for reliable payment processing, contact our team for more information. 

About Vendo: Vendo offers comprehensive payment processing services to e-commerce merchants, including those in high-risk industries. Our innovative, AI-powered tools offer merchants simple, secure, and seamless payment solutions, along with expert customer support from integration to end-user concerns. Our expert team works 24/7 to shape your vision into reality.