Enhancing Online CBD Sales with Pay by Bank

Struggling with the high costs and limited payment options for your online CBD/Seeds store? Discover how Pay by Bank not only reduces your costs, but also simplifies the purchasing process for your customers.

The CBD/Seeds industry has been booming in recent years, with online businesses selling a range of products, from CBD-infused beverages to cosmetics, food, and more. However, one major challenge faced by CBD merchants is payment processing. Due to the high-risk nature of the industry, many traditional payment processors are unwilling to work with CBD merchants. This can lead to limited payment options and higher transaction costs for CBD businesses.

Additionally, CBD businesses often face regulatory hurdles and legal uncertainties, which further complicate the payment processing landscape. The lack of clear guidelines and regulations surrounding CBD sales can make it difficult to find a reliable and compliant payment solution.

These challenges can hinder the growth and profitability of online CBD businesses, making it crucial for them to find a payment solution that caters specifically to their needs.

Introducing Pay by Bank: A Game-Changer for High-Risk Merchants

Pay by Bank is an innovative open banking payment solution that can benefit high-risk merchants like online CBD businesses. It offers a secure and convenient way for customers to make payments while providing merchants with a reliable and cost-effective payment processing option. The European open banking market is projected to reach $48 billion by 2030, with a growth rate of 23.2% annually.

A key advantage of Pay by Bank is that CBD businesses can save significantly on their transaction costs because payments are made directly from the customer’s bank, eliminating the need for a credit or debit card. This can significantly improve profitability and enable merchants to invest in other areas of growth.

Furthermore, Pay by Bank offers enhanced security measures to protect against fraud and chargebacks, reducing the risk of financial losses for CBD businesses. With Pay by Bank, merchants can also enjoy faster settlements, ensuring that they have access to their funds in a timely manner.

Benefits of Pay by Bank for Consumers and Merchants

Pay by Bank offers several benefits for both consumers and merchants in the online CBD industry.

Benefits of Pay by Bank for Consumers: Enhanced Security and Convenience

Pay by Bank simplifies and secures the checkout process for consumers buying CBD products online. By linking directly to the customer’s bank account, it removes the need to enter payment details manually. This makes buying things quicker and less prone to errors, while also keeping financial information safe. Knowing their data is protected builds trust among customers and makes them more comfortable buying from online CBD stores, which might have seemed risky before.

Benefits of Pay by Bank for Merchants: Reduced Costs and Expanded Market Reach

For merchants, Pay by Bank opens up new opportunities for reaching a wider customer base, especially in Europe where many consumers do not have access to cards.

  • Cost Reductions: Pay by Bank helps you avoid the high fees associated with traditional card payments, cutting transaction costs. This means you keep more of what you earn.
  • Access to Broader Markets: In places like Europe, where many people don’t have credit cards, Pay by Bank makes it easier for more customers to purchase your products or services.
  • Reduced Fraud Risk: Using direct bank transfers reduces the risk of chargebacks and fraud, which are especially common problems for CBD sellers.


By offering this trusted and reliable payment option, you can attract customers who may have been hesitant to make a purchase due to concerns about payment security or lack of card access.

How Pay by Bank Streamlines the Checkout Process for Online CBD Sales

When a customer chooses Pay by Bank as a payment option, the checkout process becomes incredibly streamlined. Here’s how it works:

  1. The customer selects Pay by Bank at the checkout page.
  2. They are redirected to their online banking portal, where they securely log in.
  3. The customer authorizes the payment by confirming the details of the transaction.
  4. The funds are instantly transferred from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s account.
  5. The customer receives a confirmation of the payment, and the order is processed.


This seamless and efficient checkout process eliminates the need for manual input of payment details and reduces the risk of errors. For merchants, it means virtually eliminating the risk of fraud and chargebacks. For customers, it means peace of mind knowing that their payment is secure and protected.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Pay by Bank offers online CBD businesses a reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly payment solution that can help enhance their sales and reach more customers. By leveraging the benefits of open banking technology, CBD merchants can overcome the challenges of payment processing in the industry and thrive in the competitive online market.


Ready to learn more? Discover Vendo’s Pay by Bank payment solution and how your business can save on transaction costs, while expanding your customer base in the European market. Contact us today.

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