Reasons why merchant accounts are rejected

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Rejected Merchant Account Applications Hurt Your Business

A merchant account is a must-have, not a nice-to-have, for online businesses that want to allow payment by credit card. 

Unfortunately, qualifying for an account can be an ordeal – especially if your business is in a high risk industry. A rejected merchant account application can cost you time and lost revenues and keep you from achieving your business goals.

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Get your merchant account approved

Our free downloadable guide can help you to find out exactly what is keeping your business from getting a merchant account. 

Use it to see the major factors considered for approval, what documents you need to provide, and potential roadblocks to address before you submit your merchant account application.

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Your merchant application guide was created by the experts at Vendo Services. 

Our team provides payment processing services, customer support, data insights, and more to online merchants like you. 

We help our clients increase their approved transactions and eliminate fraud and chargebacks before they happen.

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