Process Crypto Payments for FREE

More sales and customers, with no chargebacks or processing fees for all crypto transactions. 


As an e-commerce merchant, you can’t afford to offer your customers limited payment options. Traditional credit/debit card transactions limit your customers and sales, especially for merchants in high risk industries.

Accepting cryptocurrency payments lets you access a whole new customer base – all without paying any transaction fees on crypto purchases or taking on additional risk.


Worried that accepting crypto payments is risky for your online business? It’s not!

Your customers pay for their purchases with their cryptocurrency wallet. You receive payment in your local currency, without paying any transaction fees. Our ‘cash is cash’ payment processing means you get full payment, without worrying about volatility in cryptocurrency values.

All of the benefits. None of the risks.

No transaction fees.

Merchants who sign up for credit/debit card processing get crypto processing for FREE through December 31, 2023*

No chargebacks.

Thanks to the 100% secure blockchain technology, all crypto transactions automatically are fraud-proof.

Fast onboarding.

Connect your platform quickly and securely. Start accepting crypto payments and growing your business.

Cash is cash.

Accept payments in XX different cryptocurrencies. Exchange crypto into local currency and deposit into your BIC/SWIFT/SEPA bank account.

More customers, more sales, zero fees

Unlock a new customer base simply by accepting crypto payments!

Increase your sales volume by adding crypto to your checkout options. Unlike credit/debit card transactions, crypto payments give your customers complete privacy and anonymity throughout the checkout process. 

You can also expand your business into other regions around the world. Crypto is a viable payment option for many consumers in countries where credit card use is low.

Team Vendo on Your Side

With more than fifteen years of experience in payment processing, the experts at Vendo Services inspire growth by making payments simple.

We believe that payment processing is an opportunity, not an administrative burden. We are innovators who work to create the best possible tools and products.

We provide responsive customer support, key data insights, and an AI-driven system that helps eliminate fraud and chargebacks before they happen. 

We help your business thrive!

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Ready to get started?

* Terms and conditions apply. Merchant must sign up for Vendo’s other processing services and conduct at least $10,000/month in sales, in order to receive free cryptocurrency payment processing. Free transactions end December 31, 2023. Contact us for more information.