Paul Acevedo, DDF

CASE: Vendo Integration


Paul is the Director of Marketing at DDF. He has worked closely with the Vendo team on the integration process for new Vendo partners. Paul continues to work closely with Vendo to assess new tools and services that can help increase their revenue. He took his time to sit and chat with Pedro Sosa on the integration process and his relationship with Vendo.

Pedro Sosa (PS): Hey Paul, how is it going?  Got a few minutes for me? I wanted to ask you some questions about the Vendo integration.

Paul Acevedo (PA): Doing Great Pedro. Sure im happy to answer. Go for it

PS: Excellent. My first question is: What was your experience integrating technically with Vendo?

PA: Well I can’t speak from the Tech side of things, but it did seem to be a fairly smooth and quick process

PA: Integration for pricing was fantastic As we only had to provide list of our current pricing to you. Normally it can be a lengthy process of entering our pricing into an admin system. We got codes from you, set them up in Nats, and all was good.

PS: Excellent, glad to know that it was a smooth process for you! Can you tell us, who was involved on your side for the integration?

PA: Our Tech Manager Peter, Our overall Managing director Francois, myself in Marketing, and Finance for some contractual items. Thats about it.

PS: and how long did it take you to get integrated?

PA: Off the top of my head, I would say 7 to 10 working days.

PS: cool.. Did you run into any issues during the process?

PA: Some Minor items on Tech side….Nats related if I remember correctly. And some optimizing on Pre-Join pages. Nothing major, all got resolved fairly quickly.

PS: Nice. Would you say that the technical documentation was comprehensive

and easy to use or is it a question I should ask Peter your technical manager?

PA: Yes that would be for Peter.

PS: gotcha. let’s go to the next question then.

How would you rate our support response time?

PA: Top Notch

PS: haha, excellent. Cool term 🙂

and what other companies have you integrated with in the past? How would you compare Vendo to other integrations you have done?

PA: Since I’ve been here regarding Billing we have integrated with Trustcharge, Segpay, and Epoch. Epoch and Segpay were good integrations, also very on Point, but I’d say Vendo was the smoothest from my Point of View in Marketing.

PS: That’s good to know 🙂 How would you compare our support to theirs?

PA: Your support has been fantastic. They also have had a good support. No complaints there.

PS: and I have the same question about the technical integration documentation, but I guess that’s also for Peter.
Last question for you, my friend. How would you rate the overall complexity and efficiency of the implementation?

PA: YesI’im sure Peter will be happy to answer. Overall complexity and efficiency was right on par and a good experience. The extra benefits of A/B testing Pre-Joins, and having a back discount very nice and pushed us to really look at our product in a different angle. Very nice experience thus far. We look forward to your system giving the best bang for the buck…full pun intended 🙂

PS: haha, and we are looking forward to delivering all the bang sir 😉

Cool, that’s basically the round of questions I had for you bud. Thanks for taking the time to share your integration experience with us. It always good to have feedback and use this information to keep improving.

Muchas gracias señor 🙂

PA: My Pleasure Mr. Sosa.