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Vendo is safe.

You can vet apps and entertainment safely with Vendo.
There is no need to give your private information
to a faceless app or entertainment provider. Learn more

Vendo is simple.

Everything with Vendo is simple.
We work in your language and your currency. You can use your
preferred way to pay. Managing your account is simple and backed
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Vendo is secure.

You can feel secure when you shop at Vendo.
We meet the highest level of PCI-DSS compliance and
we follow the toughest data protection laws in the world.
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vet/vet/ verb: Make a careful and critical examination of (something).

• At Vendo you can vet apps and entertainment before you buy. See the details. Check out a preview. And you don’t have to trust the entertainment provider with your private information details. Vendo handles that safely and securely. Vet on Vendo today.

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"We are here to make things simple. That is really hard, actually. Technology is complicated by nature, so we focus on making it easy to work with Vendo. Each day our team is looking for new ways to simplify."

"Our technology works fast and stays up and online. This is always a challenge for sites that serve over a million people a day. 99% isn't good enough for us. That would mean being down 15 minutes a day"

“We work closely with our existing partners to ensure they are are always optimizing and using the lastest tools that will help them grow their business.”

“Our partners have more ideas than resources. We free them to focus on their core business -- developing great products -- and we work together to improve the experience for shoppers.”

“Each day we are developing smart ways to improve things at Vendo. It's really a lot of fun for us. You can check out our latest thinking here at our blog.”

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