Ashley Hynes, MindGeek

Vendo Partner Support

Ashley is a Senoir Analyst at MindGeek and frequently works with Vendo Client Services on implementing a variety of tools and services for their accounts. Ashley is part of a bigger team at MindGeek that is in constant contact with Vendo for support and technical needs. She has taken some time to chat with Debora Xavier on her experience working with Vendo Client Services and the Vendo Staff.

Debora Xavier (DX): Hey Ashley, First thank you very much for taking the time to give us your input, it is very helpful to know what our partners think of the services we provide.

Ashley Hynes (AH): No problem. 🙂

DX: I have 5 quick questions to chat with you about. So here is the first one: Are you able to get prompt support for urgent matters?

Ashley Hynes – Not always immediate assistance but usually within the hour, yes.

DX: OK Great, Second question: Do you find the Vendo support team to be efficient and knowledgeable?

AH: Yes, I would say so.

DX: Are you able to easily communicate with Vendo support in your time zone?

AH: Most of the time yes.

DX: Does it happen often that you may need support outside your operating hours?

AH: Very rarely.

DX: Are you happy with the services Vendo provides your company, and can you elaborate on why or why not?

AH: In terms of service, requests are usually answered within 1-24 hours which is reasonable for us. I don’t have any complaints.

DX: That’s good it is what we aim for. 🙂 Questions answered within 24 hours for our partners.

OK, that is all the questions I had for you. Thank you so much for helping us out!!

AH: Sure