Erwin de Boer, Manica Media

CASE: Support Questions

Erwin is the VP of Online Media for Manica Media. He maintains close contact with Vendo's Client Services and Business Development departments. Pedro Sosa sat down to chat with him about his experiences working with Vendo and how he evaluates the support he receives from our teams.

Pedro Sosa (PS): Alright amigo, thanks for sitting here with me and going over some support questions. This won’t be long, promise 🙂

Erwin de Boer (EB): sure

PS: Pedro Sosa: alright, let’s begin

EB: 😀

PS: Are you able to get prompt support for urgent matters with Vendo?

EB:  lol I have the urge to answer funny

PS: by all means, you can throw around jokes.  You can bash me hahaa

EB: Anyways, yes normally one of the sales person responds quickly. Tech sometimes can take a bit longer

PS: do you have the contact details of our tech rep?

EB: yes, he’s always in a meeting 😀

PS: Yes, he’s a busy man. You got to be a bit patient with him, that is true.

EB: yeah I know, it’s never anything urgent anyways. When it’s urgent I call Thierry

PS: cool, and always find support there?

EB: yeah,  Look, if something needs to get done, it gets done. Your support beats any other biller support by a mile. 

So I’m not complaining lol

PS: good to know 🙂

Do you find the Vendo support team to be efficient and knowledgeable?

EB: Yes, in their areas they know how stuff works and in general cs can get a quick response from tech if needed. Except 1 guy who never seems to be around 😉

PS: LOL,  and this takes us to the obvious next question, which conveniently comes to save me! 😉

Are you able to easily communicate with Vendo support in your time zone?

Erwin de Boer: yes

PS: Are you happy with the services Vendo provides your company?

EB: more and more

PS: excellent 🙂

Any additional input on Vendo and Vendo support you would like to share?

(that is the last question, so you can let it all go now)


EB: more handjobs

PS: hahahaha

EB: haha nah anyways, the only thing that pissed me of a bit is the change from vendo to vservices.

It sounded like no big deal but after digging into it there were a lots of nats changes which had to be done we were unaware off.

PS: did you find support or documentation to help you navigate through this changes?

EB: nope, nada

PS: aha, good feedback bud

EB: support itself wasn’t fully up to date either about the changes required. Not sure if it’s nats install dependant or anything else

PS: this is good stuff, I’ll dig into the details to see what was the process.

But definitely it’s a good point to take care of for future changes

EB: truth is though that after having everything fully on vservices it is a smoother process. And easier to manage.

PS: cool. Good to know that the change was for a greater good. that’s what we aspire to, and what we want to maintain. Thanks for your feedback on these questions bud.