Case Studies


Steven doesn’t agree with the haters. He thinks there are innovative things happening in the industry. The haters say there aren’t…and that there won’t be any more innovations coming.

Vendo Partner Support

Holly is the Senior Manager for Business Development at LFP. In her time at LFP she has worked closely with both Vendo Business Development and Client Services on a variety of projects.

Vendo Integration

Paul is the Director of Marketing at DDF. He has worked closely with the Vendo team on the integration process for new Vendo partners.

Vendo Partner Support

Ashley is a Senior Analyst at MindGeek and frequently works with Vendo Client Services on implementing a variety of tools and services for their accounts. Ashley is part of a bigger team at MindGeek that is in constant contact with Vendo for support and technical needs

Support Questions

Erwin is the VP of Online Media for Manica Media. He maintains close contact with Vendo’s Client Services and Business Development departments. Pedro Sosa sat down to chat with him…