Holly Ruprecht LFP, Inc

CASE: Vendo Partner Support


Holly is the Senior Manager for Business Development at LFP. In her time at LFP she has worked closely with both Vendo Business Development and Client Services on a variety of projects. In this case study Holly chat with Debora Xavier to discuss her assessment of Vendo Client Services and her experiences with our team.

Debora Xavier (DX): Hi Holly, Thanks for your time helping us with our case study.
I have a few questions that we can chat about regarding our support team at Vendo, when you are ready.

HR: Hi

DX: I have 5 quick questions for you.

The first being: Do you find the Vendo support team to be efficient and knowledgeable?

HR: Yes very.

You guys often come to me before something becomes an issue. For example, we had some technical difficulties with our cross sales and Silvia reported it to me, so we would not lose money.

DX: Great, the next question is:

Are you able to get prompt support for urgent matters?

HR: I think so yes.

With the addition of yourself and Pedro, I have both your cell phone numbers available to me.

DX: And are you happy with the services Vendo provides your company?

HR: yes I am. We love being a partner with you

DX: 2 more questions 🙂

Does the Vendo support team keep you updated on new tools and features available to your company?

HR: yes always. Pedro is a pest, LOL

DX For so many reasons, that statement is true! LOL. Any additional input on Vendo and Vendo support you would like to share?

HR: I love the partnership we have and I love that you guys constantly reach out to us not only to service the account but to offer ideas on how to grow our business cause at the end of the day it is all about the dollars.

DX: That is all the questions. Thank you so much Holly! It is always good to get input on how we are doing with our existing partners, and make sure you are happy!

HR: yay! Thanks lady I love u guys