In addition to Dynamic Pricing, there are five key elements that make up our billing services: Language, Currency, Payment Methods, Risk and Customer Support.



Local language support in 23 languages covering 95% of internet users.

From the moment the shopper is asked to enter information Vendo provides marketing and forms in the local language. Why force the shopper to guess about your product or the terms of your offer?

We use a four step translation process with native speakers who translate, native speakers who edit, followed by in house review by native speakers and we incorporate feedback from real shoppers. We can do this because our staff speak 23 different languages.

Localization begins on the product page and continues through the customer’s lifecycle including fully localized customer support.



When a consumer purchases in the local currency that price is locked in for her until the final purchase. For example, if she agrees to spends 100 Brazilian Reales per month, that price will remain fixed. The amount may change in USD but the local currency amount will not.

There is no value in forcing a shopper to leave your site to translate your currency into her own. If she has to guess she can make a mistake that would lead her to think she is paying more (or less). Either case is bad. Pricing in the local currency eliminates this ambiguity.


We work with local payment methods.

If the shopper is unable to buy because she lacks the accepted payment method then the sale is lost.

Not all payment methods add the same amount of value. Some, like SEPA in Europe, really do increase revenue. Others, like mobile carrier billing, cannibalize. They “eat” other payment methods and deliver lower revenue. Other payment methods may not work well for certain businesses, particularly those that rely on multiple payments throughout a customer lifecycle.

We constantly test and evaluate new and local payment methods. We only add payment methods that increase overall net revenue for our merchants. We embrace payment methods that grow the size of the pie for our clients.



The old risk tools don’t work. They turn away too many shoppers. You can’t maintain your profitability. It’s scary.

That’s why Vendo began over three years ago to develop new artificially intelligent (AI) risk tools. We didn’t know the rules were going to change. We just wanted to let in more shoppers within the old limits.

Lucky timing. We’ve needed the time to test and tweak and improve our Risk AI.

It’s working today. It’s stopping fewer shoppers while keeping you safe and profitable.

How many shoppers do you have to turn away or refund to follow the rules? If you’re using the old risk tools then it is a lot. Maybe too many for your business to survive.

We’re partnering with you. We need you to succeed so we can grow together.